Day 9: How Content Creators Turn Up the Money

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Content creators turn up the money by turning up for the money. This means they have an appointment each week with QuickBooks to verify money matters.


  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Burger and fries
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only


  • Today we are changing the various ways people pay us, by creating a centralized pay hub on each of our websites that will accommodate the buying of courses, forms, products, coaching appointments, etc. (In the past we’ve had several check out processes run by different apps which send a receipt, but people can’t log in to their account on the site and see what they’ve spent with us.


I’ve been learning Fluent Forms – and how the conversational forms and quizzes work. This led me to Paymattic, another plugin by WP Ninja that allows payment directly through forms. This will help us streamline our operations on our websites by using forms as a main way of collecting payments. What I like best about the learning curve of the Fluent suite of tools is the short tutorial videos they have on YouTube that explain how it all works. I just have to sit and watch all the videos now. 🤪



For Tuesday night dinner Pat and I met some of the Savvy Cleaner Team members for dinner. We were celebrating Brooke and Sally’s birthday and met at a fun restaurant nearby. It was great to hang out with people from work – outside of work. And I paid close attention to NOT talk about work while there.

Business Progress


I’m starting to physically get stronger. The first week or two of a new workout routine can be achy and uncomfortable. I knew I was asking my body to do radically different things, in hopes of getting radically different results. I’m starting to feel radically different than I did a few weeks ago – though I don’t physically have much proof yet.

Content Creators Turn Up the Money

Content creators turn up the money by turning up for the money. This means they have an appointment each week with QuickBooks where they run a check and balance system to determine what money is coming in, and what money is going out.

Learning to manage money and using a program like QuickBooks can be incredibly beneficial for content creators and individuals in various creative fields. Here are some compelling reasons why content creators should consider acquiring these financial management skills:

Financial Stability

Content creation income can be irregular, with varying income streams. Learning to manage money effectively can help content creators maintain financial stability during lean periods and ensure they have enough funds to invest in their creative projects.

Tax Compliance

Understanding your income, expenses, and deductions is crucial for accurate tax reporting. QuickBooks can help you keep track of your financial transactions, making it easier to file taxes correctly and potentially save money on taxes by claiming eligible deductions. By tracking your expenses regularly you won’t be surprised when a tax payment is due.

Turn Up the Money with Budgeting

Content creators often have both personal and business expenses. Learning to use QuickBooks can help you create and manage budgets for your content creation projects, ensuring that you allocate funds wisely and avoid overspending.

Track Expenses

Content creation often involves expenses such as equipment purchases, software subscriptions, marketing costs, and more. QuickBooks allows you to track these expenses efficiently, helping you understand where your money is going and identify areas where you can cut costs.

Turn Up the Money by Investing

Managing money well is essential for long-term financial goals. Content creators can use QuickBooks to analyze their financial data and make informed decisions about saving, investing, and planning for the future.

Knowing Your Numbers is Professional

If you work with sponsors, brands, or clients, having a solid financial management system in place demonstrates professionalism. It instills confidence in your partners and can lead to more lucrative opportunities.

Legal Compliance

Understanding your financial obligations and ensuring you comply with relevant laws and regulations is essential. QuickBooks can help you keep accurate financial records, reducing the risk of legal issues related to financial mismanagement.

Financial Freedom

Effective money management can lead to financial freedom. Content creators who save and invest wisely can build a financial cushion that allows them to take creative risks, pursue new projects, or even take breaks without financial stress.

Credit and Loans

If you ever need a loan or credit for your creative endeavors, having a track record of responsible financial management can make it easier to secure financing at favorable terms.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your finances are organized and under control can reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to focus more on your creative work and less on financial worries.

Scaling Your Business

As your content creation endeavors grow, so do your financial responsibilities. QuickBooks can scale with your business, making it easier to manage larger volumes of transactions and finances.

In summary, learning to manage money and using a program like QuickBooks can provide content creators with financial stability, help them make informed decisions, and ultimately allow them to focus more on their creative work and turn up the money by turning up for the money accountability session each week. It’s an essential skill set for anyone looking to thrive in the world of content creation.

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Daily Progress

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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



4.50 Hours | Min


120 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



147.6 lbs


21.10 Hours | Min


On a scale of 1 to 10 – (10 being fantastic) I was a 10 all day.




  • 250 yards warm down
  • 15 min – water running
  • 15 min – high knees / butt kicks
  • 15 min – kicking
  • 250 yards warm down
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