Day 8: 7 Content Creator Secrets That Reduce Stress

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Discover 7 Content Creator Secrets: Pre-Decision Strategies to Save Time and Boost Efficiency in Your Daily Routine.


  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Tossed green salad with 4 oz. of grilled chicken breast


  • I spent the morning in meetings
  • Troubleshooting computer issues
  • Website updates
  • Recorded a Turnover Cleaning Tips show with Shari Cedar from AK Building Services about changes to the cleaning process since COVID-19 to vacation rentals.


Fluent Form is a program we use for a variety of business applications. This week I am learning how to create conversational forms. It seems like a more interesting and engaging way to walk someone through a setup process. Once I figure out how to create them, we have multiple business uses for them.



I was only social with my team. We have our Monday morning meetings and all the team members come into the office. We laugh, catch up on the weekend, and then get down to business.

Business Progress


I feel I’m improving physically. I have noticed my sleep is much more sound when I am actually sleeping than in previous weeks and months when I tossed and turned all night.

Content Creator Secrets Reduce Stress

Content creator secrets involve pre-decision strategies. These are decisions you make in advance, so you don’t have to reinvent all the activities in a given day. Think of these pre-decisions as mini templates that stack on top of each other and pull you through the day. Imagine using these in your own life and how much time each one might save you every day.

Content Calendar

Plan your content creation schedule in advance. Knowing what you’ll be working on and when can help you allocate time more efficiently and reduce decision-making about what to create each day. One of the biggest content creator secrets is knowing what content is coming up so you can prepare for it, and incorporate it into your workflow in an organic way.

Content Creator Secrets Include Clothing

Choosing your outfit the night before eliminates the need to decide what to wear in the morning, allowing you to focus on content creation. In many cases, you can create a default wardrobe where you wear the same (or similar) outfit every day. The exceptions would be when you go out with friends, give a public speech, or attend a special occasion. On all other days, a default type of outfit reduces decision fatigue and saves time getting dressed each day.

Content Creator Secrets Involve Meal Planning

Plan your meals for the week or even just the next day. This reduces the need to decide what to eat, order, or cook when you’re in the middle of creating content. What works best for me is to cook one day a month with several crock pots. Then dish out the menus into small freezer packs that can be easily heated. This way I can prepare meals in a few minutes a day, rather than a few hours a day.

Content Creator Secrets Include Prioritizing Tasks

Create a to-do list or prioritize tasks for the day ahead of time. Knowing your priorities makes it easier to dive into content creation without spending time on indecision. Without a clear plan, it’s easy to major in minor tasks. Prioritizing tasks keeps the most important things on top of mind.

Use Templates to Save Time

Design templates for your content, such as video intros, graphics, or article formats. Reusing templates streamline the content creation process and reduce the need to make design decisions from scratch. Use forms, and link your forms to your customer database. And create templates for all repetitive tasks.

Schedule Breaks and Naps

Plan short breaks during your workday to recharge. Predeciding when to take breaks ensures you don’t overexert yourself and helps maintain productivity. My Fitbit app alerts me every hour to get up and move around. Even 90 seconds of jumping on the mini trampoline in my office is often enough to jumpstart the oxygen flowing through my brain and reset my creativity.

Automated Responses

Set up canned responses for common emails or messages. This reduces the time spent on communication and ensures that you provide consistent replies to inquiries.

These pre-decision strategies are just a few content creator secrets that help streamline their workflows, reduce decision fatigue, and enhance overall productivity. By proactively planning and automating certain aspects of their daily routine, they can allocate more mental energy and creative focus to their content, resulting in higher-quality work and better time management.

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Daily Progress

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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



3.50 Hours | Min


104 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



148 lbs


24.00 Hours | Min


I was in a great mood all day.



No workout today I stayed up into the wee hours working on my taxes and only got 3.5 hours of sleep so I chose sleep over my workout.

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