Day 3: Balancing Online Stardom

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Balancing online stardom with real relationships only comes from effort on your part.  Content creators often have thousands of fans but few close friendships.



Fasting – No Food – Water Only


Fasting – No Food – Water Only


Fasting – No Food – Water Only


2 oz slightly cooked salmon, 1 x small avocado, 8 oz spinach smoothie with banana


8 oz quinoa, topped with 14 oz of Tomato soup with spinach pasta, penne & vegetables


2 small tangerines



9 – Productivity (Scale 1-10), I was on my A game all day. Met my deadlines, published scheduled content, avoided interrupting the workflow of my team with wandering ideas.



I’m still setting up this show on YouTube. I still have to hire a VO artist for the podcast intro, and set up the show on Libsyn. The show has been set up in the Google Spreadsheets as a live show, horizontal video repurposed shows, vertical videos and then the podcast syndication. I’m hoping to get that done today.



I made two more friends at the gym in the locker room. Debbie and Erika. Sad news, I chatted with Erika and introduced myself and said I was thrilled to meet her. She seemed genuinely confused. “You can see me?” I asked her what that means, she said in going to the gym most every day for 4 years, nobody had every struck up a conversation with her or made her feel like she was visible. 🙁

Business Progress


Knee is feeling better, swelling is going down. I’m climbing stairs with no handrail, getting out of chairs without using my hands.

Balancing online stardom with real-life connections only comes from effort on your part.  Nobody is going to make you their best friend without your participation. The problem is that many content creators, while they have thousands or millions of fans, have very few, if any, close friends.

Balancing Online Stardom

YouTubers and podcasters get a lot of comments from fans and foes. This means people who love you and people who hate you. And it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of it all. Feeling highs from those whose lives you’ve changed, and feeling extreme lows from imposter syndrome or inadequacies from those who hate you.

News flash: Your fans don’t really know you, and most people don’t really care about you anyway. Take it all with a grain of salt. Let your common answer to both be “Thank you.” In any event, both parties (the fans and the foes) showed up for you and tripped the algorithm by responding to your work.Balancing online stardom as only one candle

If you take online stardom too seriously, it can lead to burnout, where you feel you have to keep showing up each day and providing enormous amounts of content. It’s true; you are only one candle, and feeling like you have to provide all the light in the room is a fast way to burn your candle at both ends and burn out as a creator.

Let Your Light Shine

Many content creators feel that if they light another candle, there will be competition in the market and that’s just not true. A bunch of candles only make a room brighter. By sharing the same space, the same audiences, and the same fans and foes, you reduce the pressure on yourself. And, by lighting another candle, you now have a backup. In the event that you do burn out, another candle (i.e. words of encouragement from another content creator) can relight your wick.

Connect With Others

Balancing online stardom by lighting many candles

The goal for today is to get out of your comfort zone and talk with live humans. These can be locker room mates from the gym, they can be other parents at the school bus stop where you drop off your kids. You can make small talk with the grocer, your hair stylist, the dry cleaner or anywhere else you find yourself in your daily travels. Instead of rushing about in a state of solitude, stop for a minute or two and make small talk. Learn the names of the people who are in your life by chance.

Balancing Online Stardom Means Being Offline

The balance in your relationships is not always delivering the message. It means learning to listen as well. Make it a goal in the relationships you foster through your recovery not to talk about you. Don’t talk about your family, your business, and your stuff. Ask questions and learn about the other “candles” burning around you.  Let them know you are grateful for them and that however insignificant their lives seem – they matter. Offer a word of encouragement or a compliment, and make sure you are always the first to smile and say hello to a stranger.

Friendship is free and only takes a small amount of your time, and it’s also one of the quickest ways to bounce back from burnout.
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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



5.50 Hours | Min


112 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



148 lbs


20.20 Hours | Min


Happy mood, pleasant all day. I got along well with everyone. Felt chatty but remained focused on my tasks at hand.



Swimming 49 minutes – Water running, Dragging, Kicking

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