Day 2: Why Your Best Ideas Come From the Shower

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Have you ever wondered why your best ideas come from the shower? It's an interesting phenomenon, but in the shower, you are creating ideas, not consuming them.



Fasting No Food


Fasting No Food


Fasting No Food

  • 2 x poached eggs
  • 1 x 2 oz piece of slightly cooked salmon
  • 1 x small avocado

6 oz. Steamed dumplings, chicken, vegetables


Fasting No Food



  • My mind was on fire today, lightning fast in my work, firing on all cylinders, but my body was a little sluggish.
  • I worked on the Life Long Productions website learning how to update my daily burnout progress reports.
  • I updated the information on the Life Long Productions YouTube channel and got the first of these burnout shows up and posted. I also posted 6 shorts from Sunday’s intro show that I remixed from the posted show via the app on my iPhone.


The challenge right now for me is adjusting my sleep schedule. I went to bed really early but worried that leaving stuff undone would throw my schedule off for Wednesday. I’m going to have to prioritize my activities better.



I met on Monday some new friends at the gym. I’m empowered that although it’s tough for them to get out of a comfortable bed and show up at 5:30am to swim – I can do it too. I’m also finding the getting dressed time in the locker room a nice place to chitty-chat and learn more about my new locker room mates.

Business Progress


  • Weight Loss: I dropped 10 lbs. during the 72-hour fast. Woohoo! Now, I have to monitor my food coming back.
  • Knee Recovery: The swelling in my knees went down to almost nothing. And I find that climbing the stairs is easier after having fasted for a few days. I’m really happy about that.

Day 2: Why Your Best Ideas Come from the Shower

Have you ever wondered why your best ideas come from the shower? It’s an interesting phenomenon, but it comes down to the time we are disconnected from consuming great ideas. Our brains switch into creation mode as a break from consuming. Are you a consumer or a creator? If you answered that you are a creator, you need mental breaks so you can actually create content.

One of the things that lead to burnout is the overconsumption of email, social media, producing shorts and TikToks and verticals, and all the other things.

Your Best Ideas Come From Disconnecting

Many content creators tell me they are ADHD and cannot sit for lengthy periods of time to meditate or still their mind while doing nothing. So, I’m suggesting you take that time you would be meditating (the shower time where the best ideas come from) and instead hit the road in a pair of running shoes.

It doesn’t matter if you jog, cycle, or swim – if you leave the podcasts, radio, and all the noise at home and just let your mind wander, it’s amazing how much better your content will become. You will work out in your head little things about your work process, your family time, and your business that you have been struggling with. And while it’s true you won’t be able to solve all of life’s problems in an hour, if you disconnect from electronic devices and work out – with a serious aerobic workout each day, every day, you will have 7 hours of problem-solving each week.

You can get a lot done during those 7 hours. Oh, and you will have exercised during that window as well.

Don’t Limit Disconnecting Electronically to Showers Only

In the vein of “disconnecting” consider turning off distractions while spending time with your family as well. This includes putting away your phones when family members are talking. Give them the eye contact they deserve. It will make them feel “heard,” and it will deepen your connection with them which will help in recovery from burnout.

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Daily Progress

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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



6.10 Hours | Min


112 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



151 lbs


20.00 Hours | Min


On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being outstanding my mood all day was in the 4 and 5’s.
I was not grumpy, just not over the moon excited with life. I think the 72 hour fast finally caught up with me.



Swimming Laps, (45 min) I took it easy since it was the last day of my fast and didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy.

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