Day 4: From Loneliness to Inspiration: How Family Ties Fuel Creativity

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Loneliness to inspiration is today's focus because many content creators do what they do to run from the world of isolation and dysfunction they came from.



Fasting – No Food, Water Only


Fasting – No Food, Water Only


Fasting – No Food, Water Only


2 eggs, 1 small red delicious apple, 8 oz spinach/banana smoothie, 1 2oz pack of trail mix


Tossed green salad with mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes topped with 4oz of grilled chicken


Fasting – No Food, Water Only



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I met a new woman at the gym – Cheryl. She just had a hip replacement and when I entered the locker room, they stopped me to introduce her. They told her I was the “team cheerleader”. In just a week, they have made me feel right at home.

Business Progress


Knee Surgery Recovery: The swelling in my knee is gone completely. I’ve still got a catch in my knee – but I am not limping when I walk.
Heart Attack Scare: My heart is feeling strong due to the intense workouts this week.
Menopause: I started taking an herbal hormone complex from

Loneliness to inspiration is today’s focus only because many content creators started their journey to run from the loneliness and the world of dysfunction they came from. The truth is that most of us have dysfunction in our lives, and while we may not be able to repair it fully until we address it, we can’t heal from it.

During the pandemic, my family started a virtual family reunion for one hour a week. There was never any obligation to participate, and no judging those who chose not to. We invited Mom, Dad, all the brothers and sisters, their spouses, and their kids.

To keep it simple, we used the same time and Zoom link each week. (And we did use a professional account that lets you go over 40 minutes.)

Loneliness to Inspiration During Family Time

Chatting with family (extended family) for up to one hour per week can inspire us in some very unique ways. The time together can unravel details from the past that we didn’t know because we were too young or not receptive. Those insights can heal old wounds that caused us to behave in certain ways we may not even be conscious of.

Resolving old issues can make us better content creators. Another thing to think about is that showing up one hour a week to discuss common issues with family may be therapeutic and can help us strengthen family bonds.

Don’t Judge – Just Be Curious

If your family members show up to chat, listen with an open mind. Try to understand them where they are today without trying to fix them, change them, or convert them to your way of thinking. You may discover in your open-mindedness that you create a safe space where both of you can share deeper ideas, thoughts, and perhaps friendship.

Help is On the Way

During your rediscovery of your family, you may learn that they need help and you may be in a position to offer advice, lend a listening ear, or even lend some money or time. One thing we’ve discovered in our own family of doing this is that not everybody knows how to ask for help. These calls can provide a safe place where a family member can offer another family member a lifeline. If you have a large family, you may have extra worry that you have to be the only one who can help – but by joining forces, you may learn that others can (and want to) help as well. This reduces and pressure on you.

It’s Okay to Move On from Family

During your weekly family reunions, you may discover after several months that the dysfunctions run too deep in your family for healing. And you may collectively decide to discontinue them. That is okay as well. But the attempt at family reunions and the honest try to reconnect and repair old relationships is liberating. Even if your family relationships are too toxic to repair, you will walk away from them with your head held high knowing you did everything in your power to make amends. If you decide you are healthier to move on without your previous relatives, at least you will be doing so knowing that you gave it your honest best.

The wondering, worrying, and trying to gain acceptance or approval from them will disappear, and you will not have the anxiety of previous family interactions tripping up your creative work.

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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



5.30 Hours | Min


112 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



149.2 lbs


0.10 Hours | Min


I’m in a focused mood, happy, calm, serene, and feeling on my A game.



Water Aerobics (55 min)

  • Warm-up 250 yards easy swim
  • 15 min – water running in intervals 45 sec all out/15 sec rest
  • 15 min – water walking with aqua/drag gloves
  • 15 min – kick
  • Warm down 250 yards easy swim
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