Day 6: Why Content Creators Are Exhausted

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Content creators feel exhausted because they strive to deliver top-notch content to serve their audience best.


  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • 4 oz grilled chicken
  • 4 oz cooked meatballs
  • 1 small red delicious apple
  • 8 oz spinach/banana smoothie
  • 1 2oz pack of trail mix
  • Pizza x 1 slice
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only






It’s been a week since going to the gym. I’ve learned the names of all the locker room ladies. And the names of the ladies who run the front desk upon entering. While I was going to the gym anyway, and it took no more of my time – I made 8 new friends last week. 🥳

Business Progress


  1. Knee: – I found myself running up the stairs in my house today. And I realized how much healing my knee has experienced in just one week.
  2. My heart has been really pushed this week with interval running and kicking in the pool. I believe I’ve given it a great workout this week. Feeling heart strong.
  3. Menopause: I’m learning about different vitamins and supplements that are appropriate for a woman going through this. Hoping to find a balance soon.

Day 6: Why Content Creators Are Exhausted

Ever wonder why content creators are exhausted, tired, and overwhelmed? Oddly enough, it usually comes from wanting to deliver high-quality content to your audience so you can help them in the best way.

Content Creation can be mentally taxing for several reasons:

  • Constant Creativity: Content creators are often required to generate fresh and innovative ideas consistently. This demand for creativity can be mentally exhausting, as it requires a constant flow of new concepts and approaches.
  • Perfectionism: Many content creators strive for perfection in their work, whether it’s in the quality of their videos, the precision of their writing, or the aesthetic appeal of their content. This pursuit of perfection can lead to self-imposed pressure and stress.
  • Content Strategy: Planning and executing a content strategy, including researching, scripting, shooting, editing, and promoting content, can be overwhelming. The need to balance these tasks efficiently adds to the mental workload.
  • Audience Engagement: Engaging with the audience, responding to comments, and managing social media accounts require mental energy and can be emotionally draining, especially when dealing with negative feedback.

How Short Naps Can Help:

Taking short naps, often referred to as power naps, can be a valuable tool for content creators to manage the mental taxing aspects of their work:

  1. Refreshes the Mind: Short naps, typically lasting around 20-30 minutes, can help refresh the mind and provide a mental reset. This can be especially beneficial when experiencing creative blocks or mental fatigue.
  2. Enhances Focus and Creativity: Napping can improve cognitive function, including memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills. After a short nap, content creators may find it easier to approach their work with renewed focus and fresh ideas.
  3. Stress Reduction: Naps can reduce stress and help alleviate the mental pressure associated with content creation. They provide a brief escape from the demands of the job, allowing for relaxation and mental rejuvenation.
  4. Improved Mood: Naps can enhance mood and reduce irritability. This can be particularly helpful for content creators who may experience frustration or negativity when facing challenges or criticism.
  5. Energy Boost: Short naps can provide a quick energy boost without the grogginess often associated with longer naps or deep sleep. This can be valuable for maintaining productivity throughout the day.

Tips for Effective Napping

  • Keep it short: Aim for naps of around 20-30 minutes to prevent grogginess.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Set an alarm to ensure you don’t oversleep.
  • Experiment with timing to find the best nap duration and frequency for your needs. Some people benefit from a short nap mid-afternoon.
  • Be consistent with your napping schedule to establish a routine.

While short naps can be a valuable strategy for managing the mental taxing aspects of content creation, it’s essential to also address overall work-life balance, stress management, and self-care practices to maintain long-term well-being in this demanding field.

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Today’s Body:



6.10 Hours | Min


112 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



149.2 lbs


20.00 Hours | Min


I’m in a focused mood, happy, calm, serene, and feeling on my A game.



No workout today, took it easy.

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