Day 26: Contracts Can Help Prevent Content Creator Burnout

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Can God Save Me? The question of whether or not God can save someone from content creator burnout, is a deeply personal and spiritual matter.


  • 1 4oz lightly cooked salmon filet
  • 16oz water + 1tbsp Chia seeds
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 4oz cup of shredded zucchini
  • 1 40z cup of shredded yellow squash
  • 4 beef meatballs
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only


  • I am reading the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown and he talks about a CEO who said yes to many requests without really thinking about it. And then he goes on to explain how his stress went up as the quality of his work went down. The book is full of wisdom nuggets like this that make me stop and think – “Hey, that’s me.” Today I will say “yes” to only the things that only I can do, and say no to everything else.

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I’m wrapping up a course on How to Market using Your About Us page on your website. I will be teaching two classes this afternoon covering that topic with two different audiences. The challenge is in explaining why each element is important to an About Us page.



My interactions today with other people were a stretch outside my comfort zone. There are a couple of people in our network who have asked for help and words of encouragement. Today I took a few minutes to text words of encouragement and send memes of humor on the subjects they are focusing on. I’m hoping it was a moment of hope in an otherwise busy day.

Business Progress


I went to bed last night, probably the first time in my adult life, when I was not physically exhausted – I went to bed because it was early – and the right thing to do. I fell asleep almost immediately and slept soundly through the night until the alarm rang this morning.

Working contracts are essential in professional relationships, including those between content creators and brands. Here’s how they can help reduce stress, legal drama, and content creator burnout:

1. Clear Expectations and Deliverables

Contracts outline what is expected from each party in terms of deliverables, quality, and timelines. This helps in managing expectations and reduces the stress of uncertainty for content creators, who will know exactly what is required of them, and for brands, which can rely on specific agreed-upon outcomes.

2. Payment Terms

Contracts specify payment terms, such as amounts, timelines, and methods of payment. This financial security can significantly reduce a content creator’s stress, allowing them to focus on creating content rather than worrying about when and how they will be compensated.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

These agreements define who owns the content produced and how it can be used. By clearly delineating these rights, both parties can avoid disputes over content usage, which can lead to stressful legal confrontations.

4. Conflict Resolution

Contracts often include terms for dispute resolution, laying out the steps to be taken if disagreements arise. This can prevent legal dramas by providing a clear path to solving issues without resorting to litigation, which can be time-consuming and costly.

5. Liability Protection

Contracts can include clauses that protect content creators from liability related to the products or services they are promoting. This can be crucial in reducing anxiety about the potential legal repercussions of their work.

6. Scope of Work

Contracts define the scope of work, preventing “scope creep” — where a brand might ask for more than initially agreed upon without additional compensation. This helps prevent content creators from being overworked and underpaid, which can lead to burnout.

7. Professional Boundaries

A contract enforces professional boundaries and respects the content creator’s time and resources. Knowing that there are limits to what they are expected to do allows creators to plan their schedules and avoid over-committing.

8. Cancellation and Termination Clauses

These clauses outline what happens if either party wishes to end the agreement. It protects content creators from sudden loss of work without notice or compensation, which can be a significant source of stress and financial instability.

9. Legal Precedent

In case of a dispute, having a written contract provides a legal precedent. This can greatly reduce the duration and complexity of legal issues since the contract can be used as a clear reference point for courts or arbitrators.

10. Personal Well-being and Work-life Balance

By establishing clear professional terms, contracts help content creators maintain a healthier work-life balance. This structured approach can greatly reduce the chances of burnout, as creators can better manage their time and workload.

In summary, working contracts provide a structured and legally binding framework that can help manage expectations, prevent disputes, and protect the interests of all involved parties. This framework can significantly reduce the amount of stress and potential legal issues a content creator may face, thereby mitigating the risk of burnout.

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Daily Progress
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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



7.10 Hours | Min


112 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



144.6 lbs


24.00 Hours | Min


On a scale of 1 – to 10 – I was a 10 all day.




  • 250 Yards Warmup
  • 15 min speed kick
  • 15 min water aerobics – all out
  • 15 min water running
  • 250 yards warm down
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