Day 14: Two Magic Words to Use Daily in Burnout Recovery

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Cleanliness is next to creativity in any profession. But, in the world of content creation, where the quest for creativity is unending, being tidy and organized may be a need, not a want.


  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • Fasting – No Food, Water Only
  • A small bowl of tossed green salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and avocadoes
  • Homemade ginger/carrot dressing
  • Small homemade burrito with chicken, beans and rice


  • Today was Sunday and Pat’s Dad is in his final moments of life. The family is planning a funeral and Pat and I spent a significant amount of time sorting through a lifetime of family photos to create a memorial video.


I’m scrambling to create a landing page template for the company websites. We are renovating all our websites with updated technology. Setting up the calendars with payment portals requires some coding skills I don’t have yet.



Every Sunday evening my family has a Zoom family reunion. It is the one hour per week that I meet with my extended family to catch up and say hello. Mom, Dad, and two of my sisters joined the call tonight so it was fun to catch up with them. Pat joined us after he got back from the hospital seeing his Dad and gave us updates on his family.

My parents would like to travel across the country to the funeral to show support for Pat’s family – this means they will be staying with us. I need to clean my house and make preparations for them to come.

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The Two Magic Words to Use in Burnout Recovery

The two magic words that can change your path on the road to burnout recovery are these: THANK YOU.

Gratitude is a positive emotion and a mindset characterized by an appreciation for the good things in one’s life. Practicing gratitude involves recognizing and acknowledging the positive aspects of your life, even amidst challenges and difficulties, and expressing thanks for them. This exercise of gratitude has been associated with these mental health benefits:

Improved Psychological Well-being: Gratitude can enhance overall happiness and life satisfaction. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, individuals tend to experience greater emotional well-being.

Reduced Stress: Gratitude can help reduce stress levels. When you acknowledge the good things in your life, it can shift your focus away from worries and anxieties.

Enhanced Resilience: Gratitude can boost resilience in the face of adversity. It can help individuals cope better with difficult situations and recover more quickly from setbacks.

Better Relationships: Expressing gratitude can strengthen social bonds and relationships. When you show appreciation to others, it fosters a sense of connection and can lead to improved relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

Improved Sleep: Some research suggests that practicing gratitude may lead to better sleep quality, which is important for mental health.

Increased Positive Emotions: Regularly practicing gratitude can lead to an increase in positive emotions, such as joy, optimism, and contentment.

There are various ways to incorporate gratitude into your life, such as keeping a gratitude journal, writing thank-you notes, or simply taking a moment each day to reflect on the things you are thankful for. It’s a simple yet powerful practice that can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional well-being.

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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



4.10 Hours | Min


112 oz.




Calories In


Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



146.2 lbs


24.00 Hours | Min


On a scale of 1 to 10 – (10 being fantastic) I was a 5 all day. I was pretty grumpy when Pat talked about his Dad. We’ve been estranged for 16 years and Pat is hoping I can make photos materialize from events I was not invited to, nor attended. 🙁



No workout today

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