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Content creator burnout is real. It's one of the things they don't tell you when you start a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a blog. These strategies can help.



This is where I’ll include my breakfast (if any.)


This is where I’ll include my morning snacks (if any.)


This is where I’ll include my lunch (if any.)


This is where I’ll include my afternoon snacks (if any.)


This is where I’ll include my dinner (if any.)


This is where I’ll include my evening snacks (if any.)



I’ll chart the effect these daily changes are having in my business in real time.



The challenges I face in business will go here – you will learn what keeps me up at night. šŸ˜²



I’ll track my social life here so we can see how burnout / recovery is affecting personal relationships.

Business Progress


This is where my personal progress goes. How is my health, did I lose weight? Am I in pain? Do I have enormous amounts of stress?

Content creator burnout is real. It’s one of the few things they don’t tell you when you start a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a blog. You’ve probably seen plenty of hyped-up videos about all the money one can make or all the friends, fans, and followers you might expect from a little bit of work, but the dirty truth is that being a content creator is a heck of a lot of work.

I mean A LOT of work. And if you’re not careful, you can burn out.

I’ve been creating content every day for seven years – and I’ve hit burnout a multiplicity of times. This is my story… and my journey back.

Content Creator Burnout Disclaimer

Because this is a personal journey, please remember I am human. I make mistakes like everybody else. I mis-prioritize important things, really important things like sleep and healthy eating all the time. And I know better, but sometimes I get lazy, tired, or too busy to care. Brand deals (a.k.a. clutter) have stacked up along the sides of your walls in my home and piled out into other rooms of the house turning into trip hazards.

  • I’ve skipped family gatherings in exchange for meeting a self-created video or course deadline.
  • I am guilty of talking too long in a consulting session because I really care about the client(s) – and we’ve gone over time (and I teach about boundaries.)
  • Days have gone by where I ate nothing but sugary snacks or drinks.
  • I’ve pigged out non-stop for days, and my mood depends on what I eat and when – and I hate myself for the lack of self-discipline.)
  • I am comfortable in my comfort zone – which works for a while, and then it implodes on me.

Nothing in this Content Creator Burnout series is intended to replace medical treatment. I’m not a doctor, or a nurse, or a therapist. I’m a content creator and a house cleaner by trade. You know the routine, please see a medical professional before beginning your road to burnout recovery.Ā 

Burnout is Not a Solo Sport

Note: to hold myself accountable, I’m checking in daily in a short live stream on YouTube to give you updates on daily happenings of what is working and what is not and include my lessons learned and strategies. Come join me – we’re all in this together.

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Daily Updates

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My Journey Back

Today’s Body:



3.20 Hours | Min


96 oz.




Calories In


Daily In Calories Go Here
Calories Burned

Cal Burned:



161 lbs


24.00 Hours | Min


My daily moods go here. We’ll be able to see if what I’m doing is making me feel better or worse.



This is where my daily workouts will go and I’ll explain what I’m doing to bounce back.

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